Carson’s Corner: Rocks v Riders

Carson's Corner: Rocks v Riders

Sunday was the first time I managed to see the post-Achara Rocks and it was evident from the first tip that we missed his presence and ability.
The Rocks were heavily out-rebounded against Leicester and you aren’t going to win too many games if you lose the battle of the boards as convincingly as we did.

However, all is not lost. Far from it. While Ringgold hasn’t perhaps been as dominant as we would have hoped, he’s still new to the team and building up stamina and game time is the key just now for Mike.  Once he’s familiar with the system, his teammates and he’s really found his legs in the BBL, hopefully he can be a solid big man, something that the team is sorely missing following the departure of Kieron.

Personally, I’m keen to see how both he and McNally do in the next few games as they are likely to receive decent game time as Coach tries to figure out how best to replace the irreplaceable.

While the defeat was certainly a tough one to take, it comes off the back of five successive Championship victories, so it could perhaps be unfair to be too critical. It may well have just been one of those days. We all know the team can perform better than that, but if they want to challenge for silverware this season, they need to play at a consistently high level, something that has been lacking a wee bit this year.

Watching the Riders game on Sunday felt like watching us play against the Eagles last year. We would keep within touching distance, perhaps take the lead here and there and then have a bad quarter and end up convincingly beaten. That’s certainly what happened on Sunday. No team can expect to score 2 points in over 8 and a half minutes in the final quarter and expect to win against the league leaders.

Next Sunday the Rocks travel down to Cheshire for a game that was close to not taking place. As much as I love the Rocks, I’m a fan of British basketball and I think we can all agree that the effort from the fans of that club to ensure their future has been tremendous. The local community, and the British basketball community, should be applauded for the way they rallied round and helped the club when they were perilously close to bankruptcy.

That being said, let’s hope we can get back to winning ways!

Callum Carson is the Rocks’ resident blogger.  When he’s not writing for his uni course he’s writing for someone else.

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