Carson’s Corner: Changes

Carson's Corner: Changes

As this is my first blog post of 2013, may I firstly wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a great festive period!

There’s been a few changes since I was last at a home game, with the departure of McNally and the arrival of Iowa State alum Jamie Vanderbeken. I’ll have my work cut out in attempting to turn Vanderbecken into some kind of catchy nickname, though. Any thoughts on that, folks? Van the Man, perhaps?

The team has been consistently inconsistent this season, and the trick now will be to get that 20 point win over the Sharks to become the norm, rather than the anomaly.

Brice and Mike had by far their best games I’ve seen this season, which goes to show that on those rare occasions (like Sunday) when E.J. and Don aren’t lights out, the others have the ability to step it up and lead the team to a win, it’s just about getting it done on a regular basis.

As with any new player, I didn’t exactly know what to expect from Jamie in his first game, but he certainly impressed me. He seems to have a high ‘basketball IQ’ in that he reads the game well, and for a big man, he knows how to pass the ball.

The box score (six points and three rebounds) may not point to a terrific display, but I was very impressed by his all-round play and, one assumes, he is only going to improve once he gets game –time under his belt and is familiar with the system.

We all know Davis has struggled to find, and keep, that game changing ‘big’ but hopefully Vanderbeken can come in and be that guy. With Ringgold, hopefully, coming onto his game now, and Jamie to continue on an upwards trend, those two could be a force to be reckoned with come the tail end of the season.

After the game, I interviewed both new signing Jamie Vanderbeken and Coach Davis, and they are available here.

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