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rockstrackr app testing

If you didn’t know already, we’re doing some beta testing of our new app rockstrackr at this weekend’s games and would love it if you could help us out!

We’re busy beavering away putting the final touches on it to make it the best experience we can for you, and we’ll have it ready for you in time for the game against the Phoenix tonight!

If you’re going to be at either (or both) of our games this weekend, have an iPhone and a Facebook or Foursquare account and fancy helping us out then we need to issue you a test version of the app through a program called Test Flight – just sign up and register for that (on your iPhone) here: Once we have your device ID then we can issue you a version of the app!

For more information about the app, please read below…

rockstrackr is the first product from teamtrackr, in partnership with the Glasgow Rocks Pro Basketball team.

At teamtrackr we think that fans are the most important part of any club, and want to help improve their gameday experience by offering them something a little bit extra.

Through our apps, when you “check-in” at a game we’ll give you something to say “thanks”! Rewards will vary in size and type, ranging from entries into exclusive competitions to free stuff to special offers and maybe some unique experiences…

And depending on how many times you check-in during the season and what happens in the games that you’re at you can earn some cool awards to show off too! All for just watching your favourite team play… pretty sweet, right?

We’d love to hear what you think about the app, and if you have any recommendations or suggestions for awards and rewards that you’d like to see. Just drop me an email at with any feedback – and thanks again for your help!

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