Up Close With… EJ Harrison


There was a lot of talk last season about the possibility of your retirement, what made you decide to come back for another season with the Rocks?

It was a very disappointing end to the 2012/13 season with our early exit from the Playoffs, I just couldn’t end it in that fashion. I feel that I owe some success to the club and to Sterl who has been by my side the entire time I have been here. I really want to end my career on a high and would love to do it here at the Rocks.

We have started the season a little gingerly, what are your thoughts about this group of guys and what are your expectations for the season ahead?

The way we have started the season has been upsetting especially with the lapses in concentration we have shown at certain important moments in games. We are working harder and harder every day and we intend to turn things around sooner rather than later. We are addressing our faults and hopefully we are on the way to moving forward with the season. We are all remaining optimistic – we know that we have the talent on the team to compete for a Championship – we just need to play better as a unit. I am confident that will come with time.

On a personal note, what would you like to achieve individually?

This season I am really focussing on helping develop the younger guys on the squad so that they can begin to step into the main roles in the team.  JB, Dale and Patrick are all still very young and I am more than happy to share any advice with those guys. They are the future of the Rocks, so I think it’s very important to help develop them and to help them try to reach their full potential. On a personal note, I don’t have any goals as such, I’m really only thinking of the team and what we need to do as a unit to win games.

What’s next for EJ Harrison?

Next for me – this weekend’s fixtures! I think last season there was quite a lot of speculation about my retirement and I am going to stay clear of that this season. I am taking everything week by week, and the next thing for me is this weekend’s fixtures!

How have you warmed to the Emirates Arena after the move last season?

It is a true pleasure to be part of such remarkable facility. I feel privileged to come into work every day. The Emirates has everything you need, under one roof and that’s always nice to have. It definitely reflects the aspirations of the franchise as they strive for bigger and better things.

Which teams do you feel that the Rocks will need to be extra wary of as the season goes on?

I really don’t want to single out any teams as I feel that every team we play in the BBL warrants respect and we need to be wary of every opponent we come across. Any team on any given day can beat you if you are not ready.

Message to the fans

For our core group of fans who have been with us through the bad times and the good – we thank you. All of you are great and I ask you to keep supporting us and we will try our very best to make it worth your while. We are doing everything possible to bring Glasgow some Silverware.


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