Preview: Rocks @ Surrey


Glasgow Rocks are tough enough to use Sunday’s Trophy Final defeat and turn it into something positive, according to centre Patrick Manifold.

Rocks were visibly, and understandably, crushed by Sunday’s reverse on their home floor at the hands of Worcester Wolves.

But Manifold maintains they have what it takes to bounce back from the disappointment a week on at Surrey United.

“I think that this team is strong enough to take that hit and use it as motivation going forward,” said Manifold.

“It was certainly disappointing but silverware is still possible, we know that and we will fight for it until the end.”

Rocks have not met Surrey since their opening game of the season and will know how much they have improved but if Glasgow still harbour hopes of a Play-off spot, which they do, these are the games they must win.

Manifold added: “We do need teams around us to drop a few to make it easier but if we take care of business like we are capable of, then we are in control of our own destiny.

“Our goal is to make the Play-offs, where records go out the window and anything can happen.

“This team, the fans and the whole organisation deserves some success, and us players will do whatever we can to earn it.”

Last time they met:

Glasgow Rocks 99 Surrey United 66 (BBL Championship, Emirates Arena, 06/10/2013)

What they say:

United forward Ceslovas Kucinskas: “The main focus for us is defence, we allow too many points, we score a lot as well so offence is not an issue right now.

“We have to keep the teams under 80 points per game and that would give us better chance in winning some games.”

Rocks coach Sterling Davis: “We have to go in with a mindset of looking to come out of there with a win on our record. We have not seen them since the first game of the season and they have drastically improved from then.

“That has been our focus this week, to be able to use the Trophy as a motivational reference rather than something to beat us down.”

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