Rocks to be re-named ‘Rockets’


We can confirm that the Glasgow Rocks will be renamed the Glasgow Rockets from the 2014/15 BBL Season.

Since entering the British Basketball League as the Edinburgh Rocks in 1998, the franchise became the Scottish Rocks upon moving to Glasgow in 2002 and subsequently the Glasgow Rocks in 2009. The latest re-brand marks the upward aspirations of the club after two years at the Emirates Arena.

“The ‘Rocks’ moniker was always a reference to our roots in Edinburgh,” notes Rocks co-owner Ian Reid OBE. “And while we don’t want to forget that era it felt like the right time to take the club to the next level. The ‘Rockets’ brand really typifies the direction we feel we’re heading in.”

rocketsRock(ets) General Manager Daniel Bajwoluk is also excited about the name change, adding, “We really feel this change will launch the club into the basketball stratosphere. It may seem an odd name choice being that Glasgow isn’t particularly known for it’s aerospace industry, but it’s definitely got plenty of rockets!”

In addition to the new name the team colours will change from the traditional navy and sky blue to a more rocket-friendly red and gold. The Scottish Rockettes will continue to be the club’s official dance troupe, but will perform under the name ‘The Rocket Girls’ to avoid any confusion for French speakers. The Rock(ets) head office will be known colloquially as ‘Mission Control’.

“We appreciate the change may come as a shock and surprise for fans,” continued Bajwoluk, “but we’ve put a lot of thought and effort to make sure the transition is seamless. All of the songs fans sing should still work – arguably even better now – and we’re hoping to have lots more rocket-themed entertainment before games.”

Full details of the new logo and kit designs will be unveiled in due course.

Mission Control out.

This was – of course! – an April Fool!


  • Allan Borland

    April Fool

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