Rocks National League


Although the Glasgow Rocks professional team provides the biggest attraction for basketball fans in Scotland, it is also worth noting that the action certainly doesn’t stop there, and the Glasgow Rocks are more than just one team. In 2009, the organisation made a historic move by introducing a youth structure and 8 new teams that would fall under the Glasgow Rocks name.

Perhaps the easiest way to look at the move would be to consider the Glasgow Rocks as a big family tree, if you will, and with the new teams in place it would mean that the Rocks would have its roots planted firmly in Scottish basketball. The system is designed to nurture talent from the grass roots to the professional scene, beginning with cadet, junior and then to senior level in the National League.

Without a doubt, the National League is the most competitive in Scotland and home to some of the finest talent in Scottish basketball. Playing in the National League provides players with the opportunity to test their skills against the best teams from around the country; the games are highly competitive but also really rewarding. Of course there are obvious health benefits and basketball specific skills that can be gained from competing, but also team and character building skills that can be transferred not only to the workplace but to everyday life. And with the majority of games being played on the weekend, and as far up north as the Highlands, it also offers an opportunity to travel and take in the sights of Scotland.

The Women’s National League side is one of the most successful in Scotland, having previously scooped an impressive five trophies, winning in all competitions they entered under Head Coach Shirley Birch. They are now lead by Head Coach Colin Haldane who continues to nurture the young talent reaching through to senior level.

The Men’s National League side are now competing well against the top sides in Scotland and the players continue to grow and develop, enjoying the competition and making rapid improvements to their skills set. With a wealth of experience, Head Coach Shirley Birch has now switched over to the mens’ team and is enjoying the challenges set to these athletes. Having players reaching their potential and being selected to train with the international squad was realised last season and this goal has now been increased to add more players reaching these accolades.

All playing levels of abilities are welcome from those who want to get involved in the action, and if the National League teams are unsuitable, the Rocks also have local league sides for players to compete in too.




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