Up close with… Daniel Northern

Up close with... Daniel Northern

We got up close with Daniel Northern in our first issue of Slate.

Daniel, you’ve made a return to the BBL following a season in South America – are you glad to be back in the BBL?

I’m glad to be back in the league, as I have a point to prove this season. I want show people that I can win and that I’m not just a decent individual player, I want to prove to everyone that I’m a team player. As far as South America goes it was a great experience. I dominated in those leagues but I didn’t win a championship there either, we did make it pretty far into the playoffs though – I want to win a Championship, that’s my main goal this season. I played in Ecuador in the summer, I left there then I went to Chilli and played there through Christmas and into February. I finished up my stint in South America playing in Columbia.

What influenced your choice to come to Glasgow and play for the Rocks?

Sterling Davis. I played with a guy called Ishmael Fontaine who is friends with EJ, and of course Sterling and EJ are good friends so between those 3 talking they got in contact with me. Sterling has been in contact with me for 2 seasons now and it was time to make it happen.

How have you adjusted to life in Glasgow so far?

Everything is ok, I’ve lived in the United Kingdom before and I think that’s it’s as close to America as any country could be so it’s not a hard adjustment – just more cold weather because I’m from the south of America. I’m staying with Patrick Manifold this season; I’ve already adopted him as my little brother! I guess you could call me the female of the house because I like to cook and keep our apartment clean. I’m a neat freak. My favourite meal to cook is always chicken and rice, no matter where I am in the world – takes me back home!

Do you feel it’s good to have an American coach and players on your team?

Yeah I think it’s always good to have an American coach and to have at least a few Americans on your team is always great. I like being in the United Kingdom because everyone speaks some degree of English, unlike last year where I was in a country that only spoke Spanish.  It was tough for me last season, I was one of a few Americans on the team and only a few other players spoke good English, everyone else spoke Spanish – they had their inside jokes, so I kept myself to myself for the majority of the season.

Are you nervous to compete against your former team, Milton Keynes Lions, now the London Lions?

No, I’m excited to play against the players I practiced with every day and some of the tough competitors I’ve faced from other teams when I played here before. I’m looking forward to the competition. I think they’re more nervous about running into me than I am of them.

Do you feel that moving about different clubs, countries and leagues has helped you become a better player?

I’ve always wanted to stick with whatever program I signed to because I take club rivalries very seriously. For example it would have been nice to start in Glasgow and stay with Glasgow for years, as some of the payers have done, but problems went on with the MK Lions and I couldn’t go back there – if I were to stay in this league I’d definitely like to stay with the Rocks.

You stand at an imposing 6’9” does your height help against other players?

Not really because I am underweight. So I think the height is not as big a deal as it would be if I was heavier. I just try to use my athleticism; I think I have a bigger heart than more of my competitors so I think I have a lot to make up for anyway. When I come up against a player that is stronger than me I always make sure I player a harder game.

What’s your final message to the fans?

I just want to tell everybody to support the Rocks this season I think they will be excited about what’s to come!


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